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abbie11 Hey my name is Abbie! I was wondering what size this is and if you are interested in selling the dress! Im in love with this dress and I would love to wear it to my prom! if you are looking to sell it you can contact me at akrug17@mtmercy.org or text at (716) 359-8166.
11 months ago
kaileylincke I'm 5'7 and 118 but the dress runs small
11 months ago
kaileylincke I got this dress in a size 4 though and I'm usually a two, but the dress was so amazing and fits well!
11 months ago
kaileylincke It's not letting me see your comments :(
11 months ago
carochristman I'm looking to order these and I'm a size 7. But I've been told to size up a half size. What would you recommend?
1 year ago

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