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3 years ago
illumin8ed Also can be worn as a strapless dress by moving it up just above the bust line. Fits perfectly that way too.
1 year ago
masseraj I have it too and I totally agree. Worth every penny!!!
3 years ago
usti-waya Oh, & can you tell me which size you ordered?
3 years ago
usti-waya Since you're the only one I know who has this, can you tell me if you think it's worth the $400? I adore it but have a hard time justifying such an amount for a skirt...so tell me, want or need? Because my "I want it side" is screaming like a 4 year old child at the ice cream truck!
3 years ago
lady1 This skirt is worth every penny!i hav it and Taking it to Tuscany in 2 weeks! Can b worn with buttons on side front or back! Forget the ice ream. Buy the skirt!!!!
3 years ago
dkitch I have the skirt too. I get TONS of compliments. It is worth it and I think I am worth it.
2 years ago

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