($) Sign In My Hearts



LacyWilsonArt i painted this. :) #fpart #fpgoyourownway
2 years ago
cococovers hi lacy,, is this the gray tatters slip,, I have 4 of these slippys,,in various sizes,,, terra cotta L(my fav), snow S-beet M &-lilac S,,, only two I am still eyeing are the gray and rose--although these 2 kind look alike in some of the photos. oh I like your painting ,is it on wood and looks like it has layers--what medium did you use/? the star clusters are fabulous !! xx coco /I paint too--just love going into the painting as it's being created don't you.
2 years ago
LacyWilsonArt It's the charcoal slip. I love it! I want the green one. It's on canvas. I layered it up. :) I used acrylic and pastel. Thank you for commenting! ??
2 years ago

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