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lapozolera Goodnight Moon Sunglasses style pic
4 years ago
cococovers hey lapa. i did get ice cream dress, it's big & long 5'5''140 got a small as i did want it like girl in desert who must be tall, i cut 2'' off so its at my ankles, fun dress//and sleeper xx coco
2 years ago
cococovers oh sorry,, I got the XS and it is roomy,, shrinks a little in hot water & dryer,, but then comes back to size when wearing,, it's very well made and so much fun to play in,,
1 year ago
cococovers @lauriehibbard1's .. on ''ice cream dress'' site,, with a little here.,
1 year ago
cococovers hey noticed you asked gnomelover jenni about the black $ white big floral dress if would good on you,, as she no say nothin' I'm chiming in-- with no , the dress wouldn't be nice for you,, it's even too much for jenni,, yeah the print is good aww for perhaps a 5'11'' string bean or curtains ! wearing large prints will make anyone look huge. Stay with tiny prints or no print ,just a lovely color that brightens ,, ps your stunning in this photo even in black ! xx coco
1 year ago

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