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malcantara728 altered Merrie's Limited Edition = wedding dress
3 years ago
malcantara Sorry I just saw your comment. I'm not sure that I could part with it.
2 years ago
malcantara728 Hello! I actually took it to a designer friend who cut out the sequin band at the waist and then I had her pull it up to turn it into an empire. I'm short too - 5'4" - so the length was also shortened a bit. Also repurposed some of the blue lace from the front of the top to make a one shoulder lace strap. The design was basically inspired by the Mamma Mia dress ;) It's a very romantic, flowy, a soft-looking dress in person.
3 years ago
heyitsme i would like to know how are you wearing it? have you pulled it up and tightened it under your bust somehow? It does not look good on everyone due to the fact that waist hangs too low but you have managed to pull it off well. I am interested in this dress and i am short. So i'd like to know how did you wear it cause you're looking great! :)
3 years ago
heyitsme would you be willing to resell it?
3 years ago

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