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milou1919 Cette robe est très jolie même mise. Elle est très légère et confortable. This dress is pretty even put on. It is really light weight and confortable.
2 years ago
emberailie What size is this? Beautiful dress!
8 months ago
cosiimaus So I just bought this dress in grey and it doesn't look like the one in the website picture, or your picture. The bottom is a darker shade of grey and even the top is dark and just bland. I was just wondering if it looks different when you're outside vs. inside?
11 months ago
gporcelli Hi are you interested in selling your dress. I can't find it anywhere in stock . My cousins wedding is coming up and this dress is perfect for the occasion. I'm looking for a size 6-8. Thanks so much
2 years ago
gporcelli Or a size 4 since it might run true to size
2 years ago
bbrandee Hi what size did you get :)
1 year ago
milou1919 I crop the dress after my prom to wear it «every day» !! im so sorry!! hope you find one soon.. :/ @gporcelli
2 years ago

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