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priscillaaaa FP ONE Victorian Lace Dress style pic
4 years ago
jh92 Hey! I was wondering what size you tried on? I'm ordering it online and idk what size I'd be, I'm about the same size as you ? ( btw this picture is awesome, the dress looks great on you, its mainly the reason I'm buying it )
4 years ago
priscillaaaa Hi there! This is actually the XS. Normally I wear a size small but there is so much fabric to it that the XS was perfect. The straps are adjustable and so are the ones on the side! The dress also does not come with a slip underneath and it is sheer on the lace panels. I recommend a seamless slip from our website it goes perfectly for underneath! Overall the dress amazing and I cant wait for you to get it!
4 years ago

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