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rozaspaulding #obsessed #addicted #notevensorry #whereallmymoneygoes
2 years ago
chloecococovers he he sounds like me too,, I bought the rust color (from Nordies) but the strapps seemed very thin and 1 of the loops was pulling apart the 2nd time I put them on for try & decide. Also the strapps around the heel were loose-- did you have any problems as this/? ,,perhaps I just got a 'lemon pair-sent back. Now I see these new colors, love the sand (and your white toe tips) thanks for posting on that cool rug and is the dress FP,, it's adorable ,, xx coco
1 year ago
faeriechic LOL! "#notevensorry...#whereallmymoneygoes" LOVE! And the sandals look great! I wouldn't be sorry either!?? May I ask what color this is? Bone or Sand? Thanks!
1 year ago
rozaspaulding Thank you!!! Sand :)
1 year ago

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