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solazzok last day of paradise
2 years ago
cococovers but I was wondering about your hat,, it's really a great size but is the brim real hard or flexible and is it heavy? thanks xx coco
1 year ago
cococovers hi ,, love this pix sorry your sad it was last day of "paradise" but I live in Hawaii and just cuz there's an ocean around me and lots of green leaves, it's not the dreamy place all the time-- plus its getting ruined by tearing down cool old places & all the building of big hotels that are mostly half empty a lot.. paradise is really a state of mind you can be anywhere and have it....
1 year ago
solazzok @cococovers I didn't find it heavy at all and the brim is sturdy and didn't loose shape when traveling. Honestly it's one of my favorite hats
1 year ago

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