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Stellamariaa Colour Not the same as picture!
6 months ago
aidacadenasplace The gingersnap I got was more of a dark mustard color. I like it but I like this brown one more!
1 month ago
jeannemolfese Can someone tell me if this is the ginger snap color? I like brown, so if this is the color that gingersnap really is, I will order it!! I was going to order the sienna, but now I'm afraid it won't look like a soft pink like the picture! Please reply! Thankyou!!! I don't want to miss the sale!
1 month ago
jmfoust I ordered gingersnap and got this color too. Very disappointing when you order one thing and its not correctly pictured online. :(
2 months ago
poesque7 Is this the "Ivory" or the "Ginger Snap"?
4 months ago
lisaizzykate What color did you order, ivory or gingersnap?
6 months ago

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