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superjem Granny Day
3 years ago
ba_batica to satanicmajesty ,SHUT UP, judging others sucks as does your excuse insomnia... bang your head on concrete
5 months ago
joniestone Cute :)
3 years ago
satanicmajesty EDIT: Forgive me it's 1:30 AM here and I have insomnia. I just realized what I typed didn't make sense or looked like really poor grammar, which I hate and is why I'm editing....*Your mixing looks like it doesn't seamlessly blend together"...
2 years ago
satanicmajesty Ixnay on the weird socks and fringe boots. Thigh high socks in white or navy with clogs would have looked much cuter. You're mixing looks that don't seamlessly blend together. I get that it's all about mix and match, but this mix just doesn't flow. You have beautiful hair, btw.
2 years ago

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