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usti-waya #fpSpark We met 10 years ago, when my family moved me out of state in high school. We were supposed to go to his Senior prom together but, my father had a heart attack & I was placed in foster care. He spent over a year searching for me, telling everyone he could think of to tell me how to get ahold of him just in case they ran into me. A former teacher of ours ended up being the one to help us reunite. On our first date, I found out he'd burned my favorite song "Bittersweet Symphony", to a CD h
2 years ago
farminagirl Beautiful!
2 years ago
usti-waya he'd intended to play for me on prom night & tell me what he felt for me. He kept it in his car for over a year & made me dance with him to it in the middle of the road at 4am that night. He still pulls me into the rain to dance with him, barefoot, in the middle of the night..."because it let's me know I'm alive" he says. This past October, we walked down the isle to "Bittersweet Symphony". I never believed in fairytales...until he handed me the best one ever told!!!
2 years ago

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