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Body Vibes 10 Pack

Body Vibes 10 Pack


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    Body Vibes

    Body vibes are smart stickers programmed with specific sub-harmonic frequencies to target a particular lifestyle concern.

    The Bio-Energy Patch was originally developed by a group of homeopathic doctors and engineers. The group set out to use Frequency Technology to re-balance the human body and restore systemic deficiencies in humans. The engineering became known as Bio-Energy Synthesis Technology.

    • Each smart sticker = about 1" diameter.
    • Intended for all skin types.
    • Non-toxic. Do not apply to sensitive skin, near eyes or if you have an allergic reaction to adhesives. The adhesive used is the same FDA-approved skin adhesive used in most bandages.
    • How to Use: Should be worn close to the left side of your heart or above it. Key placements are: left shoulder, upper back, upper left arm and chest. For those more sensitive to changes in their homeostasis, the recommended placement is inside the lower arm- above the wrist or on the right side of the body. The exact placement of Body Vibes may vary for each individual user.

    Frequency: 396 hz
    Chakra Association: Root
    Emotional Association: To Liberate Guilt & Fear
    This frequency has been said to release feelings of anxiety and nervous tension.

    At The Beach
    Frequency: 639 hz
    Chakra Association: Heart
    Emotional Association: To Harmonize Relationships
    This frequency is said to heal conflict and to connect us to others.

    Frequency: 417 hz
    Chakra Association: Sacral
    Emotional Association: To Facilitate Change
    This frequency is believed to assist with endurance and empowerment.

    Frequency: 741 hz
    Chakra Association: Throat
    Emotional Association: To increase productivity
    This frequency is thought to enhance creativity, communication and mental acuity.

    Frequency: 852 hz
    Chakra Association: Third Eye
    Emotional Association: To Restore Spiritual Order
    It's said to bring inner peace, strength and to reflect light and beauty.

    Frequency: 528 hz
    Chakra Association: Solar Plexus
    Emotional Association: To Assist with Transformation & Miracles
    The "love" frequency is believed to spread love and peace and self compassion.

    Sticker Material: Mylar embedded with carbon alloy fragments and crystalline structures

    Body Vibes

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    • Made in the USA

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