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Crosstown Patterns Tunic

Crosstown Patterns Tunic

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    Sheer printed tunic with a deep V-neckline that ties at bust. Elastic cuff bands allow for ruching.

    Free People

    • Styling Tip: This versatile top can also be worn as a super mini dress. For a no-show look layer with one of our seamless shorts for an effortless look.
    • 100% Viscose
    • Machine Wash Cold
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  • Bust: 33.0" = 83.82 cm
  • Length: 30.0" = 76.2 cm

Crosstown Patterns Tunic styled by the FP Me community

Ratings & Reviews

Overall Rating (12):

Fantastic, with some tweaking...

  • Age: over 45
  • Body-type: long and lean

I love this top so much I have it in both colors. That being said, it took some tweaking. I am 5' 8" and 140 pounds and this in a size XS fits perfectly. It is very voluminous. I don't like belts and perfer the swingy look, so I took the belt and sewed it onto the low back in a crisscross pattern, similar to some of the other tunics by FP. It took about 10 minutes. This is adorable and keeps the top from slipping off my shoulders. It's even cuter that way than the way it was designed, if I do say so myself. Gorgeous colors, perfect for fall, pared with leggings and boots.

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  • Age: 21-25
  • Body-type: curvy
  • Location: Richmond, VA

I adore all things FP and have probably come to have extremely high expectations for their clothes. So in getting this dress I was disappointed to find that it was not only see through but too short to realistically be a dress! The belt cinches in a severe way that doesn't do anything for my figure and while the colors are definitely best for winter I can only think of ways to style it for warm weather. Im always checking the FPme profile to get some inspiration but so far no help! Still a beautiful piece for someone but at this moment not for me.

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Beautiful Boho Tunic!

  • Age: 41-45
  • Body-type: slender
  • Location: Lincoln Park, MI

" Love this tunic, runs large! I am 5'10 and it is not long enough to wear as a dress. It looks great with skinny jeans."

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  • Age: 14-20
  • Body-type: curvy
  • Location: USA

This dress is REALLY see through. Definitely needs a slip. I'm a FP medium, but I sometimes order a small if something seems a bit oversized. I got a small in the black, and I was unimpressed. I was planning on wearing it tied and with a dress, but it is far too short for that and it looks funny tied on me. I am rather curvy, and this dress is not for me. Also, it is hard to tell by the pictures but the sleeves are puffy and give the appearance of big shoulders. Not my favorite purchase - definitely returning!

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wanted to love it

  • Age: 26-30
  • Body-type: pear shaped
  • Location: Hong Kong

I really wanted to love this. It looks so beautiful on the model but when I received it I was so surprised. I ordered the XS and it was absolutely huge! And you have to tie it around your neck or in a bow like how the model has it because otherwise it will just fall right off your shoulders. Mine was also wider than it was taller. It looks long and beautiful on the model but it was not that long on me and I'm 5'3". It covered my butt, that's about it. There is also WAY too much fabric so it just bunches weird when you move. I would be adjusting this the whole time I was out wearing it. The print is so beautiful. Such a bummer.

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ya gotta work with it: size down, etc

  • Age: 31-35
  • Body-type: curvy
  • Location: Austin, Tx

***Okie dokie, so here is what's up with this piece: First off, it does theoretically run large, but if you are familiar with Free People sizing, then you will expect that. It is true to Free People sizing (oversized and shapeless). I am a U.S. 12 or L/XL, but in Free People, I have worn anything from a large to an extra small, depending on the piece.****** ******My stats are: U.S. 12, 5'5" in height, 36 to 38 B to Cish bra. So, average height, curvy, broad shoulders, and relatively small breasts. I bought this dress in a medium. It is definitely sheer and short, so it will have to be styled over another slip and/or some kind of thin layering shorts or bloomers.***** *****What drew me to this dress were the first two photos of the golden wheat color where the model is sitting down, and then where she is photographed from the back. I love the gathering/pleating at the back of the skirt, as well as the super mini length and the really low cut scoopback.******** ******At first, I was 99% sure that I was going to return this dress after I tried it on again at home and didn't like it as much as I did when trying it on in store..I stuck it in my closet intending to return it, but then decided to mess around with it one last time before returning it tomorrow. Lo and behold, I believe I found a way of styling this that works for me!******* ****Although I preferred the look on the model in the golden wheat color, I ultimately ended up liking it more on my body when worn like the model in the photos of the black color (completely uncinched with the neck tie criss crossed).******** *******I originally intended to cinch the piece, but the fabric is such that it bunches a whole lot over the tie and is too stiff to look flattering when bloused out. If I cinch it and then move my arms at all, the fabric blouses out and bunches out over the belt a whole lot.******* *********Although it is 100% viscose, it feels more like a viscose/poly blend. A bit stiff and almost tulle-ish feeling, if that makes sense. Not the softest or most pleasant fabric I've felt. All in all, The super short length and super low scoop back is what saves this dress from looking frumpy.********* ******Here's what I suggest if you're not quite completely digging this piece. First, try sizing down 1 or 2 sizes,, depending on your size and height. I am 5'5" and a size 12 and I bought the medium. The medium is still shapeless on me, but just a little less so than the large. The shoulders are a bit more fitted in the medium, and the length is a bit shorter, lending a little less of a potato sack appearance to the overall look..****** ***Next, try tying the ties at the neckline different ways. Try leaving the tie completely open or tying it in a bow or criss crossing it around your neck and tying it at the back.****** ****It is also possible to wear the piece off the shoulder, or with a boatneck-type neckline, if you leave the ties completely open or tie them really loosely.***** ******Personally, the criss cross option is what looked best on me (the same way it is worn by the model in the black version).. I crossed the two lengths of tie across each other and then tied them at the back of my neck. However, when I start moving around, and the dress starts pulling down in the back, it does kinda choke me a bit, so the jury's still out on how uncomfortable the ties around my neck will be during an entire shift at work. I'm the type of person who gets really annoyed by the feel of chokers or turtlenecks though, so maybe I'm just being extra sensitive.******** *********The other thing you're going to want to do is mess around with belting it. It comes with a string to belt it, but the built in tie loops sit REALLY low on the dress, so if you use the loops, you're going to be tying the tie at dropwaist level. For a woman such as myself who has hips, a dropwaist is one of the most unflattering cuts I can wear. So, I cut those weirdly low belt loops off. You can forgo the string it comes with and use a more substantial belt (the tie that comes with this is literally just a string of fabric.I think a different belt would look much better). Or, you can do what I did and not belt it at all, leaving it shapeless and flowy.********** *******Criss crossing the ties around my neck creates a choker like effect with a keyhole at the chest. This, in conjunction with the super short length and super low scoop back, really helped to offset the shapelessness of the rest of the garment.********** *********The other thing that helped was trying on all kinds of different shoes with this dress. I tried this piece on with over the knee boots from last year's Jeffrey Campbell X Free People collaboration and that looked best. I also tried it with Freebird cowboy booties and that also looked good. Flats or sandals will make this piece look too frumpy on me.******** *********So, those are my suggestions: mess around with a belt at different levels, tie the neck tie different ways or try it completely untied, try wearing it a bit off the shoulder if that look suits you, try sizing down one or two sizes, and try the different shoe styles.*********

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The model is in something 'else'

  • Age: 31-35
  • Body-type: long and lean
  • Location: NY

I got this in my usual XS I'm 5' 6" 32 C 25 jeans. 1st - I got an item that is way shorter than way the model is pictured wearing. 2nd - it did not have the amount of material hanging in the back. 3rd - the color (wheat) is similar to the pic here but not as vibrant. 4th - it's way too flimsy for the price. I like the dream here but the reality is sad. Returned..

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not my fav

  • Age: over 45
  • Body-type: athletic
  • Location: Australia

I found this big, baggy, shapeless in a cheap, acrylic feeling fabric!!! Sorry, just couldn't see what everybody else does!! It's going back!

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so pretty !

  • Age: 26-30
  • Body-type: petite
  • Location: China

When i first saw the tunic i put it into the shopping basket, and it is what i expect ,the color is so fit on autumn, you can where it on so many ways and they all looks beautiful.

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Beautiful top

  • Age: over 45
  • Body-type: curvy
  • Location: Georgia

This is a great tunic, but had to return it for a smaller size. For reference I am 5'4" and 150 lbs. I usually wear a medium in Free People but this medium was huge. I returned it for a small and it is much better. Can't wait to wear it. I love the criss cross tie at the neck.

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