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Knit Trench Coat

Knit Trench Coat

This product is no longer available
  • Style: 34803536 Color Code:

    Trench style knit coat in a soft washed fabric. Drapey pockets large pockets. Waist tie and adjustable cuffs with buckle detailing.

    Free People

    • 69% Modal
    • 31% Polyester
    • Machine Wash Cold
    • Import
  • Bust: 36.0" = 91.44 cm
  • Length: 42.0" = 106.68 cm
  • Sleeve Length: 24.75" = 62.86 cm

Knit Trench Coat styled by the FP Me community

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the first review

  • Age: 26-30
  • Body-type: curvy
  • Location: San Francisco, CA

SERIOUSLY LISTEN TO MY REVIEW Not only is this my first online FP review EVER (actually, my first ever review of any online item, including take-out food), but this is also the first review to ever exist for this AMAZING duster/trench/coat/sweater combo. This is also the first piece that I have been MOST satisfied with from online FP--keep in mind that this this may be due to my personal style opinion, but could very well be attributed to the amazing fit and style of this particular item. The majority of my closet is Free People--whether it's from Free People itself, or from Marshalls, Nordstrom Rack, or other second-hand sellers that sell FP at discounted prices. I absolutely LOVE Free People and know what works and what doesn't work for me and my body and style. I love oversized, unusual pieces that are not easily replicated by mainstream manufacturers... Anyway.... I ordered this piece on sale and did so because I wanted a long, simple, good-fabric, BLACK, duster coat. It was ON SALE at the time, so of course, with Free People, I felt like I was getting a deal--and I GOT A DEAL..I would not pay the full $198 for this unless I could afford it. However, this is a fantastic and timeless piece that may very well be worth the original $200. This is something I would see on the FP website and WISH I could get at a discounted price. If they brought it back in full force, I'm sure they could sell it at full price to many women looking for a timeless, simple--yet unique, trench-coat piece. (Did you see this is in the FP mag a few weeks ago? Looked sooo awesome...) I can't believe this has not been reviewed, or bought out extensively, especially since the Large (which is my 'true' FP size, and seems to be the average American Woman size) was unavailable at the time. ANYWAY... KEY POINTERS **amazingly soft fabric that WILL FIT (and stretch if needed) TO SIZE. I'm usually a large/XL in FP, and I bought a medium, HOPING and PRAYING that it would fit. IT FIT, and it stretches (EFFORTLESSLY)...So.. **if you're a small, go with a XS or S--prob won't make that big of a difference but I'm unsure of the differences here (in the S and XS sizes). If you like things oversized, go with your usual size, if you want a more snug look--go with a size down, or you'll be complaining on the next review.. **if you're a L, and really an XL wishing you were a L (like me), a medium will fit amazingly--with a bit of room--so no worries that the L is not available for the bigger, more womanly customer. A Medium is fine for an XL girl--which feels great! **I usually am XL in FP, and L-XL in other places, but I was super happy with the M...it was so soft and comfy and fit amazing..so AGAIN, THIS IS A TYPICAL FP PIECE THAT LIKES TO GIVE ITS BEAUTIFUL MODEL SOME ROOM...YOU CAN GET AWAY WITH A SMALLER SIZE AND STILL HAVE SOME ROOM. **Yes, let's be real--it's not as beautiful in real life as it is on this gorgeous 6 foot whatever, perfect model, but I still love the fabric. It's sort of a heavier jersey that will fall nicely once on. **the cool "neck clasp" also does not look as good in person as on the model--not as triangular. But still looks great, stylish, timeless, different, and classy.It's more rounded (vs diamond-like) if you're not a tall, skinny girl... **and the black is not a "true, dark, deep, black", it's more of a really really dark charcoal.. but, like I said, I was looking for a nice, long, black duster and this was perfect. It is black, but it's FP black--which is really more of a "tarnished black". **The piece does have pretty "heavy, ring-like "cuff-links" around the wrists that are beautiful if you tie them (and care for them) correctly.** **i have not washed it yet, but am sure it will hold up nicely with my other free people wash regimen--cold, delicate or hand wash, and then tumble dry low or lay flat to dry (i usually switch up hand washing versus "delicate cycle" and tumble dry versus laying flat depending on how much I wear the item).. Hope this helps you all no matter what size and style you are/have. Muah! Btw--I've noticed a decrease in the quality of FP items.. we need to support this venture in order to continue getting timeless and good-quality pieces made.

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