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LED Light-Up Headphones

LED Light-Up Headphones

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    Run the night in these neon light-up headphones perfect for after-dark workouts. Featuring a sleek design and easy-to-wear earbuds for optimal fit. Hands-free phone ability and low power LED technology. Comes with a power cord for on-the-go charging, and 3-4 hours of working time.

    • Built-In Polymer Battery
    • Silica Gel Earplugs
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  • Length: 41.25" = 104.78 cm

LED Light-Up Headphones styled by the FP Me community

Ratings & Reviews

Overall Rating (3):

Poor Quality

  • Age: 21-25
  • Location: Boston, MA

I wasn't very hopeful after I read the other reviews for these headphones. However, I still thought they were cool and decided to go for it. The quality is exactly how it's previously described - really poor. I charged my headphones all night and could only get the LED setting to work twice for about 10 seconds. In addition to this, one of the ear buds doesn't emit sound. I was disappointed that these headphones turned out to be such a dud.

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  • Age: 21-25
  • Location: CN

第一次充电 刚插上充电线时 显示灯还是红的 过了大概5-10分钟 红灯就没了 可是代表充电完毕的蓝灯并没亮 再试一次 还是同样的问题 想退 然而盒子上的配送单已经被我涂花了(微笑) 音质一般 不推荐

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Awful product

  • Age: 31-35
  • Location: Palo Alto, CA

Where to start? First, the instructions are in the most garbled English imaginable, so I had to basically just make some wild guesses about how exactly to use these. Second, once you DO get the headphones charged and activated, they seem to blink once every 5-30 seconds for a couple of rounds, then require reactivation. I want to go jogging, not fiddle with my headphones every 5 minutes! After a couple cycles of this, they TOTALLY stopped working -- 15 minutes into my jog. I got home and recharged them, but now they're not blinking at all. Third, the sound quality is terrible. It's like everything is filtered through a 60s psychedelic garage rock warble. And not in a good way. Finally, these aren't compatible with the more recent iPhone models: the jack is the wrong diameter for these new models, so Siri or, if you've deactivated her, Voice Control, will trigger whenever you move. Which is like, kind of the point of a workout: MOVING. I'm returning these, with a lot of disappointment!

Response From Free People

Hi beckysharp, We are sorry to hear about your experience with your headphones. Someone will be reaching out. Thanks!

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