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Snowcat Cape

Snowcat Cape

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    Make a statement with this luxurious faux fur capelet. Drapes gracefully over the shoulders. Lined.
    *By Free People

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Snowcat Cape styled by the FP Me community

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  • Age: 31-35
  • Body-type: athletic
  • Location: Birmingham

I have no idea who this would fit correctly. While I like the way it looks on the model and laying flat, when I put it on, it felt like I was wearing shoulder pads. The cut seems like they just cut out 2 rectangles out and sewed them together. Also, being shorter, it was too long and kind of swallowed me up.

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  • Age: 26-30
  • Body-type: petite
  • Location: philadelphia

I was so pumped to see these on the site, and quickly ordered both black and white. When they arrived, I was well-pleased with the construction. The underside, which isn't photoed is a really lovely, strong knit (checked black and white on both versions). I was immediately put off by the amount of gray in the black version. There is SO much, that's its about 50/50. In a solid black, this piece would have been much sleeker and a stunner, but the mixed look just wasn't working for me. The white version also had some gray in it, but far less so that it didn't bother me. The fit..womp womp. Unfortunately, these things are like wearing football pads. Your neck will be completely lost and if you have long hair, it will puff out over the sides (it has no choice) and really shrink you down. I liked how far it came down in the back, and it was thick enough that I imagine it would actually add real warmth when worn, but again, the extreme shoulder pack front was too much. I tried styling them several times but each time felt completely overwhelmed and lost in these pieces. For a tall girl, these might work, but at 5'3 and petite, I was overrun. Really great quality pieces, but again, the size was just way off for me.

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Pleasantly surprised

  • Age: 36-40
  • Body-type: slender
  • Location: Los Angeles

I had reservations about this number due to its "Cruella Deville" &/or "Eagle/ bird" feel. Heehee. I decided on the white & was surprisingly pleased since I typically don't elect for "over-the-top" pieces often. Whelp I'll fly like an graceful EAGLE when I rock it. :-D

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So warm.

  • Age: 31-35
  • Body-type: slender
  • Location: NYC

Wow this cape is amazingly warm. A little itchy on the underside. The black is actually more half white half black (perfect for a Cruella Deville costume). I was initially disappointed bc I didn't expect so much white but actually I love it now bc you won't find anything so badass anywhere else. Definitely cooler than what I initially wanted - a plain black cape. LOVE. perfect for the holidaze.

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One Size Issue!

  • Age: over 45
  • Body-type: petite
  • Location: Pennsylvania, USA

I was excited to receive this cape but sadly I returned it I ordered it along with a couple of other things with my birthday discount! Even though it was a good deal with the discount I could not make it work. It is a cool statement piece if it fits. I have a petite frame and I looked like a linebacker in it. When I hooked the top of the cape it was up to my nose. I think you need to be taller than my 5; 1" to pull this off. Just too much fur for me. I was not crazy about the light gray spots of fur but it was truly the size that made me return it. I love the white and black fur collars I purchased much better. Not a good choice for short thin girls!

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Picture does not do it justice!

  • Age: over 45
  • Body-type: athletic
  • Location: Stone Mt., GA

I ordered this unique piece in Black. However, the photo does not accurately capture it's beauty - some of the tips of the fur are white! I think it adds something even more funky and sexy than I originally thought! Can't wait until it is cold enough to wear this baby!

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