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Vintage "Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover" Record Collection


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    In most cases, "Don't judge a book by its cover" is a trusty adage. In the case of this nine-record collection, we believe you can. We compiled a stack of records based on their stellar cover art. Album cover art can be deceptive; sometimes the supreme quality of the front and back doesn't match the sounds inside or vice versa. This collection showcases beauty both inside and out with monumental recordings from Donovan, Van Morrison, Yes (self-titled release from 1969), The Allman Brothers Band, the 80's pop-rock visionaries R.E.M., Cream, and the definitive 3-record set "Woodstock: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack".

    1. Van Morrison- Tupelo Honey
    2. The Alman brothers ? Eat a Peach
    3. Donovan?s Greatest Hits
    4. R.E.M ? Reconstruction
    5. Yes
    6. Donovan ? Sunshine Superman
    7. Woodstock ? Music from the Original Soundtrack (3 record set)
    8. The Allman Brothers Band ? Brothers and Sisters
    9. Cream Songbook ? The Rubber Band