5 Ways To Moisturize Your Lips This Fall

moisturize lips
As romantic as the onset of cool weather is, our lips often suffer the effects of its harshness. Here are a few ways to ease into the season smoothly…

Whether from dehydration, allergies, or climate, dry and flaky lips are never part of our holiday wish lists. This holiday season, we’re sharing five easy ways to keep your lips looking fresh and moisturized as the crisp air starts to hit — share your tips in the comments!


Cut a cucumber into small slices and hold them to your lips for 2o minutes. Its high concentration of water will aid in moisturizing and replenishing cracked lips.

Brown Sugar & Water

Simply adding water to a small amount of brown sugar equals a scrub that is perfect for exfoliating. Rub the mixture onto your lips until they begin to feel soft, and repeat a few times per week. Lip scrubs aid in getting rid of dead or dry skin.

Sea Salt & Water

Mix 2 tbsp of sea salt into a warm glass of water and allow it to dissolve. Dip a washcloth into the salt water and hold it to your lips for 20 minutes. This mixture helps to relieve the burn that often accompanies chapped lips.

Coconut Oil

For you own instant lip moisturizer, heat up a dollop of coconut oil (preferably on a stovetop). Apply warm coconut oil to your lips with your finger or cotton swab. Reapply throughout the day to make sure your lips stay nice and hydrated! Coconut oil also can be used as a lip gloss thanks to its subtle shine.

Honey & Olive Oil

For an overnight lip treatment, mix a small amount of olive oil and honey together. Honey has been proven to have antibacterial and wound-healing properties, and the olive oil will help to moisturize. Apply the mixture to your lips before you go to bed, and your lips will be soft and smooth in the morning.