Camilla Engstrom
As we thumb our screens, scrolling through endless food snaps, inspirational quotes and portraits of cute pups, there are few social media presences that elicit such excitement as the charming Camilla Engstrom. On her buzzy Instagram account, the Los Angeles- and Stockholm-based artist evokes a magnetic everyone’s-best-friend quality, sharing behind-the-scenes looks at her creative process, peeks at her latest work and, of course, her signature “silly dance” videos, featuring the raven-haired beauty bobbing and bouncing to Paul Simon, Missy Elliott and the like. (Fair warning: her energy is contagious, so don't be surprised if you find yourself turning up the tunes, too.)

Camilla is perhaps most commonly recognized as the creator of Husa, a Pepto-Bismol pink jelly-bean figure, who has become an iconic fixture in the artist’s irreverent account, offering cheeky quips, from “say bye bye to mean friends,” to “let’s stay awkwardly close.” She's also collaborated with various brands on clothing, candles and more, always with a refreshingly light-hearted spin. Here, we ask Camilla to spill the deets on her daily routine—plus, what Husa is up to next.
Where you call home:

Los Angeles and Stockholm
First thought in the morning:

"Do I feel rested?"
Morning routine:

Coffee, meditation or journaling or both if I have time.
Favorite fuel:

Go-to dance track:

Any 80s disco
Favorite Instagram account:

@doggosdoingthings and @eckharttolle
Short/long-term goal:

To fill every day with joy
Personal mantra:

A daily indulgence:

Coffee and jokes
Everyday gratitude:

The list is long but right now I think being in sunny LA is really something special.
Favorite way to procrastinate:

Preferred workout method:

Tip for banishing stress:

Spend time outside in nature
Someone who inspires you:

Rupi Kaur
Nighttime routine:

Tea, talk to a friend if my heart needs it, journal in bed and then I need at least an hour to watch something relaxing.
On your desk (or in your studio!):

Paints, canvas, brushes.
I dream about:

Stressful things
What’s Husa up to next?:

She's going to keep being silly on her Instagram @husasworld

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