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A natural resource in its truest form (psst: they date back millions of years), crystals are said to be one of our oldest spiritual interventions, merging with our chakras and reverberating through our spirits to encourage positive vibrations and synchronized energy. Long story short: coupled with mindful intention, they can positively impact your everyday. To start harnessing the benefits of healing crystals, explore their wide-ranging meanings, properties and uses. Below, discover our guide to find the perfect crystal for you. Consider it Crystals 101.
Rose Quartz
Said to be the crystal of love, rose quartz opens the heart chakra, helping to foster communion and embrace vibrations of harmony, kindness and friendship. Keep it close when a relationship needs a boost or you need a nudge to express affection.

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More than just a mystical hue, inky-black obsidian helps banish negative energy. Channel its rejuvenating powers to embrace vibrations of clarity, insight and change. Read: you’ll want it handy during bid decisions and moments of mental discord. (You might be surprised by your sudden decisiveness!)

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By calming the body and mind, amethyst promotes inner peace and can help sooth during day-to-day stress. Get in touch with your sensuality and spirituality by utilizing this coveted crystal in your everyday regimens, from the bedroom to the powder room.

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Blue Sodalite
With peace-promoting properties and a calming blue hue, this crystal can help you tap into inner tranquility. By connecting with the third-eye chakra, you may improve your intuition by becoming more introspective and cleansing your surroundings of distractions.

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