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Workout Pants for Women

Oh hey. Looks like someone is going the distance (it's a long scroll down here, we know). Wherever you're headed, our workout pants will help get you there. Whether to the end of the trail or a chill sesh in the park, these bottoms bring comfort and style all the way. The magic is in the material. Mesh, cotton, spandex and a few exclusive-to-us blends that work for everyone. Whether in a pair of loose athletic pants or fitted gym shorts, our fabric never holds you back, effortlessly stretching at every angle. When you up your pace, our workout pants follow suit, with sweat-wicking weaves and smart ventilation details (Lace-up waists, cutouts and sheer swatches, anyone?). And when you need a little exercise inspo, our fitted leggings smooth and contour so seamlessly it makes us want to dance. And run. And maybe even go to that barre class we've been avoiding. Basically, we designed these workout bottoms to work for whatever is currently moving you. Which is why you'll always see a range of cute patterns, finishes, silhouettes and colors (personally, cobalt is seriously amping us up right now). And it's why you'll find pieces with style that stands up outside of the studio. From high waisted workout pants to cotton capris, these are your gym buds for wherever your routine takes you – park bench picnics included.