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Yoga Clothing – Shop Bras, Pants + Leggings for Yoga

Thanks for (nama)staying with us down here. We know it’s easy to get caught in the quest for perfect yoga clothes. Trying on endless pairs of leggings and top layers, tanks and pants. Ready to simplify? Lighten up with our latest collection of performance apparel. Yoga clothes made equal parts easy and effortless.

Easy to style, with mix-and-matchable yoga wear that makes choosing your outfit easier than child’s pose. Effortless to care for, with durable weaves that go right in the wash. And most importantly, effortless to wear, with no-fuss fabrics that never leave you tugging for coverage or shifting for support. We built total balance right into every piece of yoga clothing you see above. Seamless shelf bras, stretch-and-stay materials, and cute cutouts in tops that do the cooling down for you.

No matter where you are in your wellness journey, these yoga clothes will streamline your path. New to the mat? Let streetwise details lead the way. Stylish colours and cuts flow smoothly into your everyday edit for double the wear time. Looking to push your practice a little further? We added state-of-the-art details designed with hour-plus classes in mind, from mesh ventilation to sweat-wicking fabrics. Our tops, bras, and pants work harmoniously with classes of all kinds – from bikram and vinyasa to hot yoga and at-home flows. Built on a foundation of flexible and forward-thinking silhouettes, these are yoga clothes set for wherever your workout takes you next.