FP Me® is a social community built around you and your style. With FP Me® you can share your style and be inspired by other Free People fans by creating and sharing pics, collections and hearts. It’s easy to be part of FP Me®, simply create an account on freepeople.com/uk to enroll, select a few settings and you’re all set! Already have a freepeople.com/uk account? Good news! You are automatically part of the FP Me® Community. Log in to your account to get started.

Pics Uploading style pics to FP Me® will allow you to add your personal style images to freepeople.com/uk. When you upload and associate your pic with a product, anyone looking at that product while shopping freepeople.com/uk will see your pic. Not only will they see your stylish pic, but other FP Me® Community Members can show some love by hearting or commenting on your pic.

Collections Creating collections is an easy way for you to share your styling expertise with the FP Me® Community. You can start to build a collection from any product page or the ‘my collections’ tab in your account. Collections can be created around a product, trend, occasion, mood, or just for fun! You can let your fellow FP Me® stylists know how much you like their collections by leaving comments or hearting them.

Hearts With FP Me®, you can use hearts to show love to your favourite stylists and keep track of things you love. You can heart products, pics and collections. As you shop, using hearts is an easy way to: keep track of everything you love in one place, create collections with things you love and see what the FP Me® Community loves by sorting pages with ‘most hearted’. Hearting collections and pics will let your fellow stylists know how much you appreciate their style and are inspired by their looks, so don’t hold back on sharing the love!

Connections You can follow your favourite FP Me® stylists and they can follow you right back. Visit the profile page of any FP Me® Community Member and use the follow button to keep up with their newest inspirations via collections and pics. Check out your personal profile page for a list of your followers - we encourage you to get connected and follow back!

Updates Since we know you’ll want to hear about comments and hearts from your fellow stylists, we’ve set up instant update emails in your ‘my account’ section. Visit the email preferences tab and turn instant update emails on and off whenever you like. You can also get a weekly update to stay in the know with what is happening in the FP Me® Community and how your pics and collections are trending.

We can’t wait for you to share your style with FP Me®!



How do I sign up for FP Me®?
It’s easy! Simply create an account on freepeople.com/uk to join FP Me® and pick a username. You can then upload pics, create collections, and heart products along with interacting with other FP Me® Community Members. We suggest you choose your email preferences to keep you informed about how your pics and collections are trending, as well as with what is happening in the FP Me® Community. You can set your preferences at any time in your account under the ‘email preferences’ tab.

Do I need a username?
Yes, as a member of FP Me® anytime you create or heart something your username will be attached. We suggest you pick something unique that you love to be your public identity. You can change your username at any point as long as another community member isn’t already using that name.

Do I have to have a freepeople.com/uk account to be a member of FP Me®?
Yes, you must have a freepeople.com/uk account to participate in FP Me®.

How do I get updates when another Community Member leaves a comment or hearts my pic or collection?
Log in to your account and view the ‘email preferences’ tab in the My Account section. You can choose from instant or weekly updates.

Can other FP Me® Members see my pics and collections?
Yes, everything you post can be seen by the entire FP Me® Community. At this time there are no hidden collections or pics. Only pics that are pending approval or not approved will be hidden from the FP Me® Community.

How do I turn off instant updates?
You can change your email preferences at any time in your account under the ‘email preferences’ tab. If instant updates are just too much, we suggest sticking with the weekly update to continue to stay in the know on how your pics and collections are trending, along with what is happening with the FP Me® Community.

Pics / Collections / Hearts

How do I upload pics?
Visit the product page of the item in your pic and then log into your account. Select the ‘add your style pic’ button and upload your pic from your desktop or Instagram.

How do I link my Instagram account?
Anytime you add a pic you’ll be able to choose ‘Add from Instagram’. We’ll ask you to log in to your Instagram account and authenticate with FP Me®. Once you do, you’ll always be able to access your Instagram images from any product page.

How do I unlink my Instagram account?
Visit instagram.com, log in and choose ‘edit profile’. Then select ‘manage applications’ and choose ‘revoke access’ from FP Me®. Previously uploaded pics in your FP Me® account won’t be automatically removed by revoking access.

How soon will my pics be approved?
We approve pics as quick as we can, typically in 24-48 hours. However, we ask that you allow us up to 72 hours to approve your pic before contacting us at service@freepeople.com/uk about a pic that is pending approval. Pics in a status of pending or not approved can’t be seen by other FP Me® Community Members.

Why didn’t my pic get approved?
Please see our submission guidelines below.

I see an inappropriate comment or pic, what should I do?
Use the ‘flag as inappropriate’ button or send us an email. We will take a look and remove anything that does not meet our submission guidelines.

How long can my comment be?
A comment can be up to 500 characters.

Why can’t I delete my comment?
Sorry! Comments can’t be deleted once submitted.

Why can’t I add a pic to intimates?
We want to protect you. Rather than risk any ‘slips’ we don’t allow pics to be uploaded to our intimates product.

Can I delete a pic?
FP App users can delete pictures anytime regardless of the status: approved, pending approval, or not approved. To delete, open the pic from the App and choose the dots icon. Select “Delete”. You’ll be asked to confirm the deletion. Once a pic is deleted it will be removed from your account and will not be seen by other FP Me® Members. For those who do not have our App, please email Customer Service at service@freepeople.com.

How do I un-heart something?
Just click the heart again!

Submission Guidelines

Pics We approve pics as quickly as we can, typically in 24-48 hours. However, we ask that you allow us up to 72 hours to approve your pic before contacting us at service@freepeople.com/uk about a pending approval pic. Rejected pics will show in your account.

When submitting a pic be sure to:

  • Keep it tasteful
  • Remove personal info
  • Submit a clear pic
  • Skip inappropriate language
  • Double check everyone is wearing Free People


  • Price and promotion details
  • Non-product related pics
  • Sexually explicit or suggestive content
  • Drinking, drugs or other inappropriate content
  • Info about other companies or websites

We do not allow pics for any of our intimates product. Any pics submitted with intimates product will be rejected immediately.

If you are not the copyright holder, you may not submit copyrighted images.

Suggested Pic file submission:

  • Recommended dimensions of 800 x 800
  • Maximum file size of 2 MB
  • Must be BMP, PNG, GIF or JPEG format

Free People reserves the right to reject or remove any pic at any time for any reason.

All submissions must be in compliance with all of the provisions of the Terms and Conditions of this website.

The posting/uploading of a pic or comment does not mean the pic or comment has been deemed to be in compliance with these Terms and Conditions. Free People reserves the right at any time, without notice to the submitter who posted the pic or comment, to remove the posting of a pic or comment from any website controlled by Free People that Free People determines, in its sole discretion, does not comply with these Terms and Conditions, or that otherwise contains prohibited or inappropriate content.

Pics and Comments Rules

Pics and comments cannot contain copyright materials owned by others. This includes photographs, sculptures, paintings and other works of art or images published on or in websites, television, movies or other media.

Do not submit any personal identification, such as car number plates, personal names, email addresses or street addresses.

Do not show the use of alcohol, illegal drugs or tobacco, firearms/weapons. Do not show any activities that may appear unsafe or dangerous or any particular political agenda or message. Pics and comments cannot depict, and cannot itself, be in breach of any law.

Do not include any sexually explicit or suggestive, obscene, lewd, violent, illegal, offensive, disparaging or inappropriate words, abbreviations, language, signs, products, poses, behavior, symbols, political, personal and/or religious references or statements, (including, but not limited to words or symbols that are widely considered offensive to individuals of a certain race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or socioeconomic group).

Do not show, mention, depict, refer or otherwise allude to the brand, name or logo of any retailer, manufacturer, brand, product, store, place of business, person, company or character regardless of whether or not such is a competitor of Free People or competes with any of Free People’s products.

Do not in any manner defame, misrepresent, contain disparaging remarks or reflect negatively about Free People, its products or other people, products or companies or their products, or in any way reflect negatively upon such parties or explicitly or implicitly communicate messages or images inconsistent with the positive images and/or goodwill with which Free People wishes to be associated, as determined by Free People in its sole discretion.