5 Natural, Homemade Remedies For Dry Skin

dryskin remedies
There’s more to the changing seasons than sweaters and apple orchards — skin care should take full precedence.

Here are five natural — and inexpensive — alternatives to store-bought lotions and creams for you to consider…most of which are probably already hanging out in your kitchen.

Olive Oil

Using olive oil on your skin greatly minimizes the presence of chemicals and other ingredients often found in store-bought products that can actually counteract its benefits. Olive oil is packed with anti-aging antioxidants and hydrating squalene which repairs dry, irritated or inflamed skin, and may aid in repairing wrinkles or sun spots. To use, simply soak cotton swabs in oil and apply to dry patches of skin. Let sit for several minutes before rinsing.

Olive Oil, Lemon & Salt Scrub

A great alternative for anyone slightly skeeved out by rubbing straight oil on his/her skin! Mix the juice from 1 lemon with 5 tbsp of sea salt and one tbsp of olive oil to create a luxurious body scrub. The fresh lemon scent is invigorating and the added oil will leave your skin feeling fresh, moisturized and incredibly soft.


Honey softens and moisturizes dry skin, and can be applied directly to problem areas. Simply massage gently into skin and let sit for 2-3 minutes and rinse. Repeat daily and you’ll quickly notice much softer skin!

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is another wonder oil, and one of its specialties is moisturizing! There are so many ways you can use it — lather it right onto the skin; apply to problem areas like your hands, cuticles, and joints; or add a few spoonfuls to your bath! It leaves skin feeling incredibly soft and also smells amazing.


When in need of aloe healing, simply cut one leaf from the plant and squeeze out its gel (the clear, jelly-like substance found in the inner part of the aloe plant leaf…not the yellowish substance just under the skin, which is aloe latex). Aloe is perfect for healing topical wounds, as well as staving off inflammation and promoting cell regeneration. And, as if by magic, the point at which you make your cutting will heal up and continue to grow!