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Welcome to one of the coziest corners of our site – a.k.a. our leg warmers page. More precisely, the bottom of our leg warmers page, which we think is an even better place to kick back. Mostly because you’re only centimeters away from knubby, knitted, sweaters-for-your-legs bliss. Bliss dreamt up specifically to wear at home over leggings, or out under boots. To yoga class and to skipping yoga class (for namaste-ing in bed, of course) and to anywhere else you’d like to bring homey vibes. Crafted with enough stretch to stay thigh high, but enough give for some super effortless slouch, there’s really no reason to take these leg warmers off.

To us, home is wherever you roam, so comfy extras that make us feel like we never left the blankets (we're looking at you, leg warmers) are a must. We gave this knitted line-up hand-touched details, like ruffles and cableknits, for a personal feel. And a kaleidoscope of colours to coordinate our leg warmers with every jumper we own, from black to gingersnap. Plus, we added amazing options for ballet babes and boho girls alike (lovers of lace, we suggest swiping back up to our crochet leg warmers, like, right now). Lengths range from knee high to thigh high to practically-pants high. So no matter where you’re about to scroll off to, we’ve got leg warmers to keep you covered.