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Mini Skirts

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Mini skirts + Short Skirts

Mini skirts add a touch of rebellion to any outfit and will add a wealth of options to your wardrobe. A denim mini skirt is in the staple pieces hall-of-fame and leather or suede minis are unexpected but welcome additions to any occasion. If leather isn’t your thing, we have vegan fabric options, too. Choose a surprising asymmetrical style, one with fringe or distressed denim, or a high and tight pencil skirt silhouette. Mini skirts are always an option. And you can’t go wrong with embellishments with stand-out shine, like sequins, zippers and studs for extra personality. The 1970s-inspired all-the-way zipper is a favourite right now. Other looks we love? Ever-so-subtle slits at the skirt’s hemline and big buttons that run seam-to-seam down the skirt. Styling a mini skirt outfit is always effortless. Choose a seemingly covered-up black or white turtleneck to contrast a mini skirt’s extra-leggy look. Or choose a fitted baby tee tucked into a mini skirt for a sweet and playful ensemble. Looking for other ways to wear and style mini skirts? We love experimenting with chunky belts and long or bulky jackets for a tomboy touch on this femme classic.