Hold up. Take a pause, and look at your hands. Really look at them. Do they look a bit ignored or tired? It’s time to give your hardworking hands, nails and cuticles the care they deserve. Sure, you have other creams and lotions at home, so you might be thinking, “how is hand cream different?” Well, we’re so glad you asked. The skin on your hands requires different care, ingredients and consistency. These salves are made specifically to give you baby soft hands. Plus, they dry faster, meaning minimal detours from whatever your day brings.

Now for your nails, what about all the harmful chemicals in most polishes? We only stock truly unique, natural polishes that exclude those bad ingredients. Some of our polishes are even certified vegan! We’re always switching up the colors on our own nails, so we have plant-based, all natural polish removers handy. (Pun not intended. It’s really hard not to make hand and nail puns, you guys.)

A few more tips before you take off: Cuticle oils and balms are the best way to get a minimal-effort, long-lasting salon look. Plus, they help prevent those pesky chips. Another way to keep chipping in check? Try thin coats instead of thick ones—you only need three strokes. A little goes a long way.