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Unique Holiday Ornaments + Decor

This year, why not give a unique gift they’ll never see coming? It’s hard to find those extra little somethings that make a house a home, that’s why we’ve curated this special collection of ornaments and home decor that make perfect gifts. It’s the gift of a conversation starter, as these are the pieces that will make their house guests ask, “where did you get this!” And they’ll reply, “A friend gifted it to me.” (You can be that friend!) It’s a lifelong quest to collect unique pieces like wall hangings, coffee table books, and the figures on our shelves. Consider gifting your friend or family member a unique crystal or incense diffuser, to bring bohemia to their home. Or coffee table books for guests to thumb through for years to come. Choose from internationally inspired wall hangings and more. These unique holiday gifts are sure to delight their spirits and warm their hearts.