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_rachel The dress is 5 stars, ordering online is 0 stars. My review explaining the horrible issues trying to get this dress after I purchased it with expedited shipping wasn't accepted, which is it's own issue - filtering negative reviews shouldn't be allowed. Over the telephone, everyone that helped me was very kind but it's unacceptable to offer a dress online that isn't actually in stock and then be unable to locate what store is responsible for shipping the dress to your customer. That system needs to be fixed. Customer service should have access to inventory information. It literally almost ruined our event. I was lucky that a store in the town we were passing through had one in stock. I was very lucky. The dress is gorgeous and was perfect. It was exactly what we wanted and planned for but it was so stressful ordering online and making phone call after phone call every day the week after it was supposed to be delivered only to be told they didn't know where my dress was or when it was going to get to me. Customer service reps did everything they had the power to do so I don't fault them but it really shouldn't have been an issue in the first place. My advice is to always go to a store that has the item you want so you don't end up in trouble like I was. So grateful to the store employee that helped me track down the dress and for the other store employee for putting it on hold for me so we could pick it up day of, as it was literally the day before our event and the shipment was still MIA.
7 days ago
mjworld Sorry for your experience. I am a bit worried about ordering and delivery too specially cause I need an international shipping.. Can you give me a tip for sizing of this dress?
2 days ago

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