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chloecococovers also I have several of the trapeze slips in S & M ,,what size do you where? have been eyeing the one you wearing ?,, Aloha,, Chloe
2 years ago
chloecococovers Hi Kissed,, I'd like to buy this jacket but the comments are so mixed that I have no idea what to buy. I write you b/c it's this colour or the white,, soooo would you tell me what size you have on but also what size is your body (I ask you b/c we have the same nicely rounded legs//a small waist) I'm 5'5'' with rather big shoulders due to swim/surfing, not sure my weight now about 139-144?? but am usually 120-128,, (had a baby 3 months ago) slowly losing :-) ,,, thanks Chloe Covers
2 years ago

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