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bj-mo Arrow Divine jewels and velvet
2 years ago
bj-mo Arrow Divine is based in Australia, so that's why shipping is so high and takes a while. I can't remember if I had a tracking number or not. You could always email the owner and make sure they've been shipped. Hope you get them soon and love them :)
1 year ago
bj-mo Arrowdivine.com is where I got mine. You could always email the designer and ask if she has some left. All her stuff is amazing!!
1 year ago
sandy82 Where can I find the earrings?
1 year ago
sandy82 Thank you so much bj-mo. I ordered through them but they are just horrible when it comes to shipping. I ordered last week and it shipped last week and I still haven't gotten a tracking number :(
1 year ago

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