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bohobsessed This makes my bedroom complete
2 years ago
cococovers I'd be very comfortable in this bedroom,, even in a twin bed,, horses,, sheep,, star quilt and that folk art bear? thank you be the idea (am redoing the house) is that an old grandma made quilt,, or a good find__ my auntie & friends are doing a quilting bee using antique fabrics and designs, =,, can't wait see what I'll get for my BD come august, xx coco i pinned this too
1 year ago
cococovers wish that bear was still available as now I have my star quilt,, sheep pillows,, horse woodcut and bed ,all of simular to yours, ,, mom just said she'd make one !!!
1 year ago
cococovers OK we still working on it, decided to built a little house way in the back of land just for my sleeps & clothes. and your stuff is too special somebody put effort into making all those items..and you put them all together real fine,,, do you remember where you bought them from esp quilt,, I want the bear,, want to trade ? cococovers@yahoo.com
1 year ago
bohobsessed I want to see a picture of your room!!! ?? The quilt on my bed was ordered so nothing special like yours. @cococovers
1 year ago

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