(£) Sign In My Hearts



2 years ago
cococovers back in your amazing face brooklyn,, wrote you on other photos, hey if you still hav e this fone case,, we can trade,, lucca gave me his Iphone5 ,, please contact me :: cococovers@yahoo... you know how. seashells
1 month ago
cococovers I like you already,, hey where did you get that phone case,, it's of me as so much of your other stuffs,, ha I have the ear cuff in gold,, take it you around NYC , gosh I miss the east coast vibe even after 25 years in Hawai'i,, went to RISD,, moms still in the Pocanos shall I move back ? ahweee xx coco
1 year ago
brooklyndodger and yep isn't it the coolest ear cuff! Luv mine. show us a pic of yours!
1 year ago
brooklyndodger :) NY foreva. But I'm so jealous u have the Hawaiian sun, surf, and pineapples! re: phone case - it's a FP phone case from 2 years ago for the iphone 5. It's freakin' awesome. i had to get a new phone, so I can give u the case if u have an iphone 5.
1 year ago