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jbarrett575 Hey! are you re-selling this item?? looking for a dress for my sisters wedding this summer and it would be perfect!
3 months ago
cassidyr1997 @maria999E9E9E wearing size XS fits true to size but I had to have straps taken in a little! I'm 5'5 120 lbs
1 year ago
maria999E9E9E thank you so much :) I will be waiting :) and how size are you wearing ? :) are dress true to size, please :) you are very helpful...
1 year ago
cassidyr1997 @jeminecky yes of course I can post more thank you so much!
1 year ago
jeminecky can you please post more pictures of these fab dress ?:) it will be very helpful for me... you looks stunning! thank you ..xx*
1 year ago

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