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cococovers oh just see,, curious say of length cuz a girl who was 6' said it was long on her. I didn't end up with one_such is//// glad I pinerested you back before they changed the site's look,, cant do that now,, I really don't like this new site style ,do you?
1 year ago
cococovers this is the funnest photo of this dress_ really so now I am buying it, your profile says you wear medium dress but this is oversized did you size down to a small thanks
2 years ago
cassij_ @Cococovers I got the medium. It's not oversized at all! It fits perfectly on the back! it's probably the way I was holding it lol! Depending on your height you could potentially size to a small. I'm 5'7" and the medium is a good length
2 years ago

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