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daniellepoff my wedding //
2 years ago
abbie11 Love this dress so much!! If you're interested in selling it you can contact me at akrug17@mtmercy.org or (716) 359-8166
9 months ago
carriedills Hey my name is Carrie and I'm beyond in love with this dress. It sadly is sold out across the country. I was wondering if you are interested in selling/renting this dress. Please text me at 417-693-8938 to work something out.
10 months ago
mbandwen Hi! i was wondering if you would be open to selling/renting this dress to me for my prom. If so, please email me mbandwen@gmail.com. You look absolutely beautiful in it!!
1 year ago
fpdee so cute!
2 years ago
ellen2016 it looks as if you closed up the low neckline towards the bottom. Was that very difficult to have done? I love this dress, but I am weary about the neckline.
2 years ago
graceandsalt Would LOVE to buy this if you ever plan on selling - kearydee@me.com // what size is this?
1 year ago

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