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erikaandrews 🍁🍂
9 months ago
erikaandrews @ba_batica thanks and yeah it's just the camera it looks a little darker in this photo. And it might, but I'm not sure I usually hang dry this top, so I'm not sure!
8 months ago
ba_batica LOve both your photos of this top, the maple sugar color in your pix appears deeper than the one a got,, could it have been the camera/cell being used ? I bought the M its a little big on me, think it would shrink if washed in warm water-use dryer, perhaps need sew the sides ?
8 months ago
erikaandrews @skinnyboots yeah I bought size Small and I'm 5'4 :)
8 months ago
skinnyboots Can I ask how tall you are and what size you bought?
8 months ago

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