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fpashlee1806 #fp #fpyourownway www.meilairags.com
1 year ago
cococovers Hey Ashlee,, I ordered slip/dress in M and it's really thin, , it's not this deep russet color as your pix,, But is/was yours very thin ? hope you reply soon before I call the store. please/thanks
11 months ago
cococovers did you go with the xs or s ? I is 5'5 @140 , but still fit FP in S & even XS pending on the dress,,, have big shoulders/arms from surfing so the weekender top I get M. How is the hip area?
1 year ago
cococovers Hi Ashlee,, is this the true color of this slip (some say its lighter) and is it oversized at all. thanks xx coco
1 year ago
fpashlee1806 @cococovers this is the true color and def not oversized! The model is an XS
1 year ago

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