(£) Sign In My Hearts



fplaureneliz Embroidered Button Front Slip style pic
4 years ago
fpsophia just saw this photo from afar and instantly knew that was you/our store! :-))))
4 years ago
gypsy1656 love the combination , colors . tall boots
3 years ago
bspinney To funny!! You sold me a ton of slips last time I was in at Natick and saved me so much money!!! Best sales associate ever!!!
4 years ago
forestfaery this looks so pretty on you! i'm debating between the ivory & the purple...i'm really pale & i have bright red (orange-ish) hair, so if the purple is more of a fuchsia color it'll look bad on me - what do you think? is that purple more of a bright color or more of a deep color?
4 years ago

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