(£) Sign In My Hearts



fpmakayla FP ONE Imperial Palm Pintuck Dress style pic
4 years ago
mmstanly13 If you need some one to take that off your hands I know someone who would ;)
2 years ago
amyx I want this dress noww !! :) xxx
3 years ago
mome thanks! that definately helped.
3 years ago
mome Hi, I like the way the dress fits on you. Are you able to give me your measurements and height and size of the dress so that I can decide what size to order.
3 years ago
fpmakayla Of course! I'm 5'6, 115 lbs. Ususally a size 2-4 in FP, 27 in jeans. I am wearing the xs in this photo :) Hope that helps!
3 years ago
mrsg Luv this dress! Super cute on you!
3 years ago
belad Will you sell this dress to me I been looking for it
1 year ago
jadezhyy Is this Burnt Tan or Tan?
3 years ago

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