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fpreneconnolly In love with this capelet!
11 months ago
fpreneconnolly @MGevening YAY!!!! I found it! Call 678-248-5536 and ask for Kennedy. It's the Georgia store and they are holding it for you under "MGevening" Congrats & post pictures please!!!!
10 months ago
fpreneconnolly @MGevening I'm searching our inventory and I'm calling stores that MIGHT have it. Stay tuned!!!
10 months ago
MGevening Hi Rene, I'm trying to contact you. I know it may sound crazy but I'm trying like crazy to buy this capelet as a part of my wedding outfit. Maybe you are tired of yours? or maybe you can help any other way (maybe there is one at your store in NY) ... Thanks in advance. Mag.
10 months ago

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