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wildchildleather I love when customers post pictures! Who cares if they don't answer your question. Ask a FP rep for questions. Great pic!
6 months ago
kitty58 be kind to one another!! any ways I love this dress, Your a stunning FP end user!!
8 months ago
heatherford Thanks ba_batica! ☺️
9 months ago
ba_batica wow, you nasty girls,, Heather you can get a FP app which lets you know when comment/question has been posted on your photos. Or just say the color & size so they no have to get all huffy.
9 months ago
heatherford It's clay! Sorry, I haven't ever checked the comments. It runs a tad small
9 months ago
digirl2956 Yes this is so true...why post if you do not want to interact?
10 months ago
charlottecole Rarely? You are full of shit.
11 months ago
Opalchild I know right , people rarely answer questions ?
11 months ago
charlottecole Why do you post a picture if you do not answer the question?
11 months ago
kesadilla Love the look! What color is it? Dogwood or clay?
11 months ago

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