(£) Sign In My Hearts



twistedstick Are they as amazing as they look in the photos? I'm in love with those shoes and love this brand!
3 years ago
irishgypsy ok..I kept them, I put doublesided vellcro tape in them to keep them up. They get compliments everywhere..you can tell everyone is looking, thinking omg those are the uglist things, or they are so awesome!!" Love them.
2 years ago
irishgypsy I want to love these, but I velieve I have to send back. They are comfy and great looking, good quality, BUT they are too baggy/loose on the calf, (and I have bigger calves, they slouch down more than I think looks good or is comfortable. If you are super slender these will be VERY slouchy. If they were 1/2 the price I think I would keep, but not for almost $500...Trust me , I am sad these are not working!!
3 years ago