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Babsgwalsh Oh, and I noticed a hole, the size of a button, after wearing it once, near the chest area. I actually looked for a button on the opposite side bc that's what the hole loooked like. Turns out it's just a hole. Don't buy this over priced thing.
22 days ago
Babsgwalsh I'm 5'4 and weigh 103.
1 month ago
Babsgwalsh *too
1 month ago
Babsgwalsh I purchased this Hampton Cardi in the same color. Although I like it, I feel like it's going to stretch out and become to long. I got an XS size and it's quite large. I've written 2 unfavorable reviews on this item and for some reason, neither got posted on this website. When I ask why my reviews haven't been posted, FP cannot tell me why. I feel this piece is overpriced, runs really big and has a tendency to stretch out.
1 month ago

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