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laurwolf I wore this dress to my cousin's wedding at the beautiful Miami Biltmore. It was in August so it was VERY hot, but I managed to stay nice and cool in this. I also got many compliments. I love the dress, but figuring out how to put in on is like a jigsaw puzzle. Also, if you've got boobs...good luck finding a bra! I wore a stretchy nude colored bandeau top. It worked well, but I definitely could have used a little more support...who wants to wear a strapless bra in the summer in MIAMI???
7 months ago
thuryb HAHAHA! I thought I was the only one. I tried to put it on by myself and ended up waiting for my husband to get home so he could help me! Worth the effort for sure!
2 months ago
tracylinn hi, do you have any advice on how to put it on? Im having such a hard time figuring it out. It's like a puzzle, haha.
5 months ago

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