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1 year ago
rochelle Has a Renaissance style, love that
10 months ago
nellerman Wow your hair style is stunning, I absolutely love it. I've never seen anything like it, did you do this yourself? If there's a way to find out more about this hair-style, as in how do i learn to did it myself, how can i see bout getn it done on me, and possible hair-stylist referral. In need of one severally. Thanks for your time, the beautiful picture, and hope to hear back from u... Im Neddy by the way, u can reach me at nellerman@yahoo.com or Neddy Ellerman(FB) Bye
1 year ago
mrsxen You are incredible! Come do my hair for me pretty please? :D
1 year ago
freeindeed Hair tutorial? Pretty Please.
1 year ago
elizabethsarah i also would love to see a tutorial! amazzzzzing!
11 months ago