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meganleefer golden quills tulle maxi
3 years ago
gypsymoonmama This is just so stunning! If you'd ever resell the dress I have a very dear friend who has longed for this particular dress for so long and would love to make her dream come true for her birthday???
1 year ago
irishgypsy I have this jkt and now because of this awesome pic I NEED this dress!!!..and tlove the pearls...great style.
3 years ago
ashleyray123 this pic should be in the free people catalog:)
3 years ago
heyitsme Hey are you willing to resell the parka jacket? If you are, message me at childtwister@yahoo.com. Thanks!
3 years ago
kittykattt8 I have bought both, waiting for the jacket still, but wore the dress in black to work party and received alot of compliments, well worth the money, want the peri, plum now, love this picture, beautiful
3 years ago
kittykattt8 what color do you have on? very pretty
3 years ago
MicheMcClendon SWEET pic!
2 years ago

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