(£) Sign In My Hearts



cococovers ok these are the glass's I've been looking for , remember where/?/ also what are you holding to take the photo- I don't know yet what all this tech things are as I have been living on an island remote from everywhere the last 25 years,, been off for 4 months am on the Big Island of Hawai'i,, got a laptop HP from a huge everything store called Costco,, they have help me learning but it's weird being around too many people and things have changed so much,,
2 years ago
cococovers where are you, meli ?
1 year ago
cococovers much of ran out of space would let type more,, one thing i like is ''different'' people are being given notice of,, I too have a birth thing so am different too. hope to hear from you xx coco
2 years ago

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