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neon_doves walk on water
1 year ago
cococovers and what do you wear under it,,does it come with a slip? xx coco
1 year ago
bluebird86 YourPetKat- if you are 5'11" I doubt it'll work for you. I am 5'8", 130 and when I ordered it- it was so short that parts of the hemline were higher than my butt :( Unless you plan to wear leggings or pants with it, you'll probably end up returning it like me.
10 months ago
yourpetkat So beautiful! I have been planning on buying this dress for new years but keep going back and forth between a size small or medium. Since you have it I'm wondering if you wouldn't mind giving me some guidance on sizing. I'm 5'11 and 130lbs thank you for your help!!! <3
1 year ago

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